-November 1, 2016-

The Community Planning and Assistance for Wildfire Program announced today that seven new communities from across the country have been selected to receive technical land use planning assistance to reduce wildfire risk and cost.

These communities are Ashland, Oregon; Bemidji, Minnesota; Boise, Idaho; Chelan County, Washington; Huerfano County, Colorado; Lewis & Clark County, Montana; and Park County, Montana. They join six other communities previously enrolled in the CPAW program, along with five profiled urban areas (see list at right).

Through CPAW, communities collaborate with a team of consultants, including land use planners, foresters, and risk mapping experts, to develop wildfire planning and regulatory strategies. CPAW offers technical assistance at local government request and at no cost to communities.

CPAW is a partnership between Wildfire Planning International and Headwaters Economics, two organizations dedicated to working with communities to develop and implement local planning measures to reduce wildfire risk.

“Too often communities have an interest in reducing wildfire risk through land use planning mechanisms but may lack the capacity or expertise. CPAW provides the assistance to work toward that outcome,”  said Molly Mowery, President of Wildfire Planning International.

“Good land use planning is not about telling people where to build. It’s about respecting private property while making safer, smarter community development decisions to avoid future wildfire disasters,” adds Ray Rasker, Executive Director of Headwaters Economics. “Through examining and sharing best practices from other cities and counties, communities can also learn about what successful land use planning for wildfire looks like in practice.”

The CPAW program is funded through a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Forest Service and private foundations.

CPAW Communities:

  • Ashland, Oregon (2017)
  • Austin, Texas (2016)
  • Bemidji, Minnesota (2017)
  • Bend, Oregon (2016)
  • Boise, Idaho (2017)
  • Chelan County, Washington (2017)
  • Huerfano County, Colorado (2017)
  • Lewis & Clark County, Montana (2017)
  • Missoula County, Montana (2016)
  • Park County, Montana (2017)
  • Summit County, Colorado (2014 pilot)
  • Taos County, New Mexico (2016)
  • Wenatchee, Washington (2016)

Profiled Urban Areas (2015):

  • Austin, Texas
  • Boulder County, Colorado
  • Flagstaff, Arizona
  • San Diego, California
  • Santa Fe, New Mexico