What We Do

Established in 2015 by Headwaters Economics and Wildfire Planning International, Community Planning Assistance for Wildfire (CPAW) works with communities to reduce wildfire risks through improved land use planning. CPAW is a grant-funded program providing communities with professional assistance from foresters, planners, economists and wildfire risk modelers to integrate wildfire mitigation into the development planning process. All services and recommendations are site-specific and come at no cost to the community. Read more about our vision, or view a slideshow about the CPAW program.

Land Use Planning

We provide communities with expertise in land use planning, forestry, and hazard mitigation to reduce wildfire risk.

Risk Assessment

To identify and prioritize areas of concern, wildfire risk assessments are supported at the county and local scale.

Capacity Building

We offer workshops, trainings, and webinars to facilitate learning, networking, and skills development.

Research & Science

We help grow the larger body of knowledge supporting land use planning and wildfire mitigation in the wildland-urban interface